Keith Cancer Link

helping people with cancer

Aims of the Group

We try to honour and live out our beliefs by practising the following when we meet as a group or on a one to one basis.

  • No one is pressurised to join in.

  • No one is pressurised into talking until they feel ready to share.

  • We try to provide reasssurance to people about their symptoms in order to reduce their anxiety and to provide a calming influence when people need it most.

  • We show compassion and sincerity in our caring for each other, so that people want to continue to see, meet and support each other.

  • We try to foster drive, determination and encouragement between members.

  • Understanding and tolerance are given to members and their partners.

  • People can meet others with similar problems and so share experience, treatments and others' enthusiasm, energy and dreams.

  • We can therefore exchange ideas, values and experiences with others.

  • You don't have to come to a group meeting to benefit, but can meet a member confidentially on a one to one basis.

  • Confidentiality - nothing gets talked about outside the group to anyone.

  • Members are committed to each other outside of meetings and group members can rely on each other.

  • There is knowledge that someone is only a phone call away.

  • There will be no value judgements on what you say, but members will be honest with each other.

  • The group tries to be positive and express hope, but not at the expense of avoiding talking about death and endings as well about living, when there is a need to discuss these.

  • Feelings are O.K. and there is a freedom to cry and to laugh.

  • It is a place where you can grieve and can express difficult emotions.

  • It helps people recognise their anger, and they are free and safe to express it and move on within the group.

  • You can say things in the group you often can't talk about elsewhere and people will try to listen to you and show empathy and understanding.