Keith Cancer Link

helping people with cancer


As a group we believe the following

  • Having a safe environment that is not frightening for people and that we all share the "fundamental purpose" for being there, i.e. you can talk to others about cancer. 

  • Helping people feel whole again who feel in pieces.

  • You can also learn new information and skills

  • Providing a network of support like a family which has strong, intimate bonds and is friendly, warm and welcoming.

  • You can learn about yourself and how to react to situations.

  • It should generate a sense of belonging so no member feels isolated.

  • Things learned can be transferred to other parts of your life so it can either help you change and move on or accept the way things are and be at peace with that.

  • Showing empathy and listening to each other.

  • Taking and sharing responsibility in the group and giving love and friendship to each other.

  • Not avoiding the subject of illness and cancer and that there is always hope.

  • Valuing self worth and authenticity so you can really be yourself in the group.

  • The acceptance of death can often enhance the quality of living.

  • And there is acceptance of each person and tolerance by others of how you are.

  • That people are not to be pitied for having cancer.